Team of ODC Industries, Deputy Paul Molac

Team of ODC Industries and the Deputy, M. Molac

In November 2015 ODC Industries has a great pleasure to welcome the deputy of the 4th district of Morbihan, M. Molac.

Proud of his territory, M. Molac is very pleased of the creation of ODC Industries in Morbihan. Interested by the activity of the company, M. Molac was captivated by the innovative injectors of ODC Industries.

The talk is concluded by a visit of the premises from the injection lines to the clean room. The important size of the premises has impressed the deputy, M. Molac.

The deputy finished his visit to ODC Industries with best wishes to ODC Industries!

Roc loisir

ODC Industries, specialist of moulding medical devices, is mobilising close to Roc-Loisirs charity.

Roc Loisirs charity organises different activities for medical research in favour of children’s diseases in France.

Based on this partnership, ODC Industries made a financial contribution to the charity in order to support the research against cancer, the coming of foreign children in France before surgery and other rare diseases.

The 8th August 2015, the charity organized a football gala with important teams from the west of France. Fabien Martin, President of ODC Industries, didn’t hesitate to get the game underway of the Rennes-Nantes match. The professional players was present in order to raise money for the children.

On 9th October 2015, ODC Industries received recognition with other companies in order to give the financial donations to the different charities supported.

For more information about the charity:

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It was a real pleasure to meet our customers at ESCRS 2015. ODC Industries is proud to be involved in new opportunities and projects. This is the beginning of a big adventure with you, our customers ! Thank you for your welcome. See you soon.

News; Barcelona; ESCRS; ODC IndustriesWe are attending at the ESCRS Barcelona from 5th September to 9th September. We are looking forward to seeing you!